Arvin NikniaAuthor, Intellectual, and Doer!

Arvin Niknia is an author, financial economist, entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and social worker, born in Tehran, Iran, in 1983. After the King of Iran's fall, the country was in complete Chaos as the war with Iraq broke out soon after. Therefore, the Niknia family migrated to Denmark in search of peaceful lives and better opportunities.


As a boy speaking a foreign language (Persian), it was challenging to fit into the society and adopting Danish culture. Still, Arvin spent most of his time studying and building a passion for bodybuilding. In 2004, when the financial crisis hit Europe, it changed people's perspective about education's importance. More people preferred doing work over educating themselves. They believed that education couldn't promise a better livelihood. Arvin, even in those times, didn't let his devotion toward education slip from his hands. However, he didn't undermine the importance of work. So, he kept both his career and education going, side by side.

Financial Economist and Entrepreneur

While working hard, he studied several courses; he developed a keen interest in finance and business studies. He quickly found his way around statistical data and numbers and finally became a financial economist. As an economist, putting his expertise to work, he bought multiple real estate properties. He also became an entrepreneur and created a dating website with the name "Smart Singles." He also started his pizza restaurant Herlev Pizza which brings a wide range of flavours. Due to his immense love for watches, he created and developed his wooden watch business. In this venture, he brings high-quality and premium watches that go with both office and street outlooks. In 2020, Arvin launched his online clothing store, Maximum4you, as a joint venture with Woodmagic. It provides free shipping across Europe, Russia, and United States. 


Arvin further explored his athletic side and pursued his teenage dream of being a bodybuilder. He fulfilled that passion and finally became a bodybuilder. He goes with the nickname Baba Shoja-el-Din as an Iranian bodybuilder. Currently, he has over a decade long experience in the bodybuilding industry. "Some are born strong, and others are made strong." ―


                         "Some are born strong, and others are made strong."

Arvinas an Author

Arvin didn't stop pursuing education. He studied Sociology, Islamic Civilization, and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He wanted to explore more about the Middle Eastern Language and Culture. He was getting his inspiration from famous socialist writer Fanon and philosopher Jean-Paul Satre. Arvin put both his inspiration and education to good use and wrote the book "The Rise and Fall of Iran and The Middle East: The Fall of Democracy, " published on January 16, 2021. In his book, he deeply explains the challenges to democracy in the Middle East and about the Iranian revolution, which changed thousands of Iranians' lives, including his father, an Imperial Colonel, to the King of Iran. He has also written many thriller books and multiple articles relating to fitness, diet, and bodybuilding. He has also raised his voice on many social issues, including racism.